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Tony Robbins

The Most Powerful Vaccine You've Never Heard Of

Join Peter Diamandis, Tony Robbins, Mei Mei Hu and Lou Reese for an exclusive conversation about a company on the cutting edge of COVID-19 vaccine development.
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What a pile of lies !! Since 1986 no tests have really been done on vaccines to see what the side effects of vaccines and what is the risk to humans ( the time frame for testing vaccines is between 5-10 years) and this is after Reagan passed a law that does not allow anyone to sue the drug companies for any Side effects or injuries resulting from using the vaccine. And of course since this law came out the amount of vaccines has suddenly increased insanely because there is no one to bear the consequences! Tony Robbins..... Really disappointing!!

Tony, we can see you have slowly turned away from your purpose. Did you ever really have it, or was that all an act as well? You made the conversation with Sophia, the robot, seem so acceptable. Nothing is ever as it seems.

You don't even seem convinced yourself, Tony. Can you watch yourself in the video? You don't have the fire and conviction in your eyes. You seem bought. You cannot fool us. Why do you do this to humanity? Of all people I respect!

Crazy to vaccinate when we don’t have any study’s to learn from. Not me, or my child!!!

Oh now Tony is becoming a voice for the vaccine cult industry... interesting. Not once, a vaccine has been labeled as “safe” for the human body. I’m sure all of us know how to take our immune system without a vaccine.

Tony disappointing...seems your celebrity can only get so big before you fully merge with the machine. Next....

Maybe, but I don't even update my OS until they've worked out the bugs.

Will you get the vaccine before or after your ice bath with all your perfectly healthy food and immune system regimen you are on daily for your health? Oh wait, you won’t. But you will tell all the less wealthy people they should get it, won’t you?

VERY disappointing... I can't believe it... You were my role model... 😢

Do not take any Vaccine created from Moderna, they have never created a Pharmeceutical med mus less Vaccine nor have they any skills creating meds. They were under law suits yrs ago for meds created never been tested neither on animals etc. They were shut down they files for bankruptcy protection

Sad to see Tony on the wrong side of health after all these years preaching the opposite. Line up, lemmings: let the culling begin!

Sorry to say but feel a little let down by Tony Robbins. Doesn’t sit well with me and seems to contradict what I once believed he stood for. Perhaps I am missing something.

I am not happy. I purchased a very expensive ticket but due to covid 19 they had to reschedule and this one got cancelled which is good because I am a nurse and have to avoid crowds. But Tony Robbins is trying to say that They won’t give me a refund and want to give me a credit to buy products. I do not want products. I need my money back. Times are rough with covid 19. I’m so disappointed and to make it worse I have sent multiple emails and tried to get in contact with someone and I’m getting no response. I really need my refund. Please someone help me get this solved.

I don't even have words for how much this hurts my heart. I'll be purchasing any programs of your from 3rd parties, gently used- in other words, you'll receive no more money from me.

Nearly every comment showing their disappointment. I didn't even watch it

I'm very surprised Tony is wanting to be involved in Vaccines. I will not be taking any Vaccines.

What is the "commercial antigen" mentioned on their website. I know there's a webinar but where is the complete package I sent that every pharmaceutical has? I searched but did not see it.

Get it done by the end of the year? Proper and safe vaccine trials take 4-5 years.

Rofl, I can appreciate the try, but when you combine this garbage with your other money makers like your coaching platform, your stock quickly flatlines. We can read between the lines, Tone.

These are the comments that I was expecting to see... Tony Robbins sold out. How sad. Good bye, Tony. Enjoy your mansion and helicopter.

Thank you Tony Robbins for contributing to vaccine development and education!

Wow Tony you seem to have changed spots very fast . Bought? Threatened? Have you talked to your other doctors about this.

I’m not into vaccines either, but I am LISTENING.

Dont take no meds created by moderna. Especially knowing BILL Gates only gets richer on Americans and human suffering!


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Tony Robbins

Happy Birthday to the light of my life and my soul mate.
YOU are the greatest gift I've EVER known. Your love shines so bright and blesses so many of us.

We love you, thank you for being you, you crazy, beautiful, magnificent weirdo!

Happy Birthday, Sage!! 🥳💘
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Happy Birthday to the light of my life and my soul mate. YOU are the greatest gift Ive EVER known. Your love shines so bright and blesses so many of us. We love you, thank you for being you, you crazy, beautiful, magnificent weirdo! Happy Birthday, Sage!! 🥳💘

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Happy Birthday Sage and God bless your beautiful life! Thank you for everything you are sharing with us and the 21st day meditation especially ! 😀

Happy birthday sage you are a beautiful soul full of light blessings to you always ❤

Happy Happy Birthday Sage! You are such a great example of a kind, intelligent and giving woman. Truly extraordinary! Have a blessed day!💐🎁💐👌🎊🎊🥰

We wish you a millions of Happy Birthdays at this day. Stay blessed, happy and lucky. May God shower best of times and you always grow in smiles. We wish you lots of luck and good times with family and gratitude and always stay healthy and lively. - AgrimaMohiniAtul

Happy birthday Sage! You are a massive light! I was blown away with your spirit at Date With Destiny in 2015! You are so soft and gentle that it blows all away. Thank you for being such an amazing inspiration for us all. I wish you the very best today as every day 💖

Happy Birthday Sweet Sage!Joyeux Anniversaire! I love listening to you on Freedom Guru.You bring me so much inner peace and clarity and you have such a beautiful voice that resonates through the world.I am sending you love, blessings and gratitude.I wish you a wonderful day!🥰

Happy Birthday, dear Sage! You are such a feminine, gorgeous and powerful woman. You touch so many lives in wonderful ways. May you continue your life’s mission for years to come. You are loved! ❤️🎉🎂🥂

Sage , We Only met for a brief moment and I’ll never forget how beautiful of a person you were inside and out to meet and how you made me feel the same about myself after only a few moments ! Just by being yourself ! So Kind , gave me a sincere hug 🤗 ! Meant the world to me ! Thank you for being you , loving your meditations ! Happy birthday Sage 🎂 and Tony already knows how lucky he is 🥰to have such a beautiful soul in his life ...💕God Bless!

Grace embodies you SAGE ROBBINS and you exude the presence of PEACE!!! When the world struggles with extraordinary imbalance your presence REMINDS THE EARTH that even when the world is shaking it will be ALRIGHT 🙏🏻 Sat Nam Lulubelle

Happy birthday to the beautiful woman beside the man! May he lavish on you all the love you so richly deserve!🥰

Happy Birthday Sage! May this upcoming year be filled with joy, great health, fulfillment, purpose and of course plenty of love! You are a beautiful soul and I’m grateful to share the same lifetime as you 💗

It makes life brighter, brighter, more emotional! Happiness and good luck to you dear friend! Happy Birthday Sage!

Just to hear your voice brings a calm over my soul! Happiest of birthdays to you and I pray for the next year of your life to be breathtaking 😎

Happy birthday beautiful I had the honour of meeting you and your are truly beautiful inside and out 🎉🎂🎁🙏😘

Your light shines radiantly sooo bright it is felt and seen on all social media. You must have an amazing soul to match your husbands soul

Happy Birthday Sage! You must be really special to hold onto such a great man..

Happy birthday beautiful lady!! May God continue to bless you and enlarge your territory, may he continue to give you strength, wisdom empowerment, preferential treatment, may he continue to favor you!! We love you so much Evelyn, Jabez and Josiah

Happy birthday beautiful woman! Thank you so much for all you’ve shared and your energy! I’ll never forget the first time I walked past you on the production riser and didn’t realize it until i felt this crazy electricity! You are a light!

Had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Sage several years ago at one of your events Tony. Incredible lady and vibrant soul...Happy birthday Sage! 🥰💝

Happt Birthday⚘This is simply the best post! Love to see someone so proud of his love!

Happy birthday Sage, a beauriful woman who has brought so much light and goodness to the world. Enjoy... 🎉

Sage your amazing. Really Enjoyed your presence with Tony. So glad to see two people happy. I loved your voice when the meditation was being done at the very end of our last day of UPW 2020 Happy Birthday many more wonderful days ahead. Blessings to you both. You both give it you all!!! It tired me out but. LOL I’m recovering with the wonderful people I have met from room # 3. We are rocking it!!!! 😃❤️👍🏼🎂🎈🎉🎊⭕️

Happy Birthday to both of us SAGE, mine was yesterday and I really enjoyed it with my family. Sage, your name is french and in English it means kind, what a beautiful name for a beautiful soul. Blessings in abundance to you and your sweetheart.

Happy Birthday, listening You on Relationship was highly motivating and inspiring...You make changes in our lives

Greetings of good health, happy soul and peace of mind on your special day..You and your husband,Sir Tony are blessings to us..Following your teachings make us realize our true potentials..Someday,we will be meeting you both.Stay safe..More power.

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