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Tony Robbins

תמונות בציר זמן ... ראה עודראה פחות

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I don’t know you or your situation, but please don’t give up. Tomorrow is a new day to start again, to create a new story of your life. Get some much needed rest tonight and give yourself a break. Forgive yourself, do whatever it takes to find a new path! 🙏🏻 for you

sometime disappointment badly broke you. It's not easy to rebuild yourself.

Winners get up one more time than they’ve been knocked down. No matter how far down you get knocked you have to be aware of what went wrong, learn from it and get up again. Easier said than done i know (and trust me I’ve been there). Google “W. Mitchell” there was a 3 part tv special on you tube under superhuman. This guy gets burned beyond recognition, ends up putting his life back together THEN gets paralyzed in a small plane accident and still managed not to survive but to thrive.

Napoleon hill said, every setback carries with it potential for massive growth. And we should not forget that success is about how you contribute to the society.

I always do this! It inspires me ~ greatly Even though I'm never disappointed, because the most challenging situations of all teach us all the more. We grow in resilience and wisdom tremendously. For this and all the blessings in my life I'm grateful, as I am for all Divinely timed manifestations. Thank you Tony Robbins .🙏❤🙌

How many disappointments lead to a newer better path also shows your character .Tuff times don't last but Tuff people do .

Inspiring. Disappointment creates strong emotions & intense determination...

Man my big goal at this point of my life is to take the less out of homeless and put I have a home in..Tony's words forsure been helping me get through the hurdles.

Never let Disappointment defeat you 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

That song helped me if u keep listening to it sing and dance to it everyday it helps get ur energy levels back up

I'm only disappointed with lying people. It's law not to lie. God has placed these laws. #10ComandmentsGodGaveToMoses

You are awesome ! Thank you for keeping spreading positive energy and words to help people make better choices in lives 🙏🙏🙏

I still like to believe a message wrote with the heart will be read, but I understand is not the case in the system we live in.. anyway. An heart felt thank you for a message that arrived in a very crucial moment. Even though we know what we know.. is always important to hear /read it again at the right time from the right voice. Thank you.

Thank you for a life of sharing all you can,,, you have helped MANY. to Help Many more making the world we share more to enjoy with best in all way's. Bless you an All with you an your's. Amen.

Or if u cant get up play the powerball with your last energy the universe works in mysterious ways

Don’t give up Kimberley life can be like that sometimes , take it slowly , don’t blame yourself , one step at a time , you will get there just have hope , be more positive

Never expect anything in return then you will avoid disappointments

Have tried to deal with them but the overcome me please help

Disappointment will either drive or destroy you. We have the power to choose.

Just cultivate gratitude, throw together a salad, nothing brings you back more than the ordinary, mundane. There is beauty in simple pleasures.

Sometimes you lose the fight but win the battle! The fighter is always there deep inside of you. Live to fight another day, everyone loves a comeback story. Chin up👊

Just when you reach that line of giving up ....keep going because right after that point is...Rewards!!!!

I think I will make this my phone screen saver!!

Just remove the first D and put H to make his appointment not disappointment

Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me.

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Tony Robbins

תמונות בציר זמן ... ראה עודראה פחות

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Our emotions is who we are. Our emotions reflects the qualty of our life. Powerful. ❤️❤️

i love you, Tony! i celebrate you now, and every day, while you live. you deserve the best of life and the best only. thank you for your exceptional contribution towards progress of the human family. i don't know if there is a Nobel prize for this, but you absolutely deserve such recognition. YOU ROCK! keep it up! 🔝🔝🔝🏆🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

We will stay full of emotion! 👏South Africa 🇿🇦

Emotion = Enslavement Mind = Limitation Heart Chakra = Infinite Possibilities

Always a good way to spend your time is clarifying what your values are.

Life is beautiful with those we love ❤

Actually. Positive Lifestyle + Good eating habits that include healing foods + exercise + Positive mindset + Balance & gratitude which all control your emotions = Positive Life. You have to have the foundation of all of these in place to support your emotional well being and inturn you will have infinite possibilities forward...There are no shortcuts, so invest in yourself!

Tony Robbins best motivational speaker 👌

You have in you team Sys Savanh and Phyllis Song in you team. I gave them my money to flip a house in Dallas they never paid me back. I want you to know who they really are, investor they don’t paid people.

Positive or negative emotion in our depends on the meaning we gives things

The best movitational leadership congratulations

Yeeeeees 100 % true👍👍👍👍👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Our quality of life depends on our quality of emotions🙏

Emotion will always mean there is a meaning! Mastering the emotion and using it to the best of your ability will inevitably mean you will be able to live a better life! For example, you must control fear to be able to achieve new things and live your dream life. I learnt how to control this early in my online entrepreneurial journey to be able to move forwards and it made a massive difference in my progress. Fear what will happen if you don't rather than do 🙏

Love you, greetings from Argentina !!

I know I can go on your site and get inspired by whatever you post! Thank you for that!!

Thank you for your energy- the world needs this 🌎♥️💫

Some times you just have to do it afraid

So therefore: Goal = Master Emotion

Master your emotions Transform your life

So the question is, what is MY meaning!!!!

So why being emotional is considered a weakness in our world ?

100% correct Mr Robins thank you


Love this!

Exactly right! I will carry that with me today!

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Tony Robbins

תמונות בציר זמן ... ראה עודראה פחות

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True.. In order to finally fulfill my dream of getting a novel written and done I had to work on myself so deeply... And I still have to as I reach the finish Line. Tony you've been my inspiration. ❤️

Yes. Because human beings are living things, we must always grow to become our best selves.

You only have to become Aware of thyself and that you are unique & perfect individual, then go ahead from your Central Heart ! "We are All it was , is and ever can be , having a brief experience called human" - David Icke

I couldn't agree more, especially the element of fulfillment that adds to your level of success. Thank you for making UPW work.

A VERY grand massive action step for me right now is to be a COACH trained by TEAMTONYROBBINS ! I am SO ready ! ✨✨✨✨✨

My sincere , Bow Head Respect to My Guru Tony Robbins on Guru Purnima day In India , Guru Purnima is The respect day to great Masters

Working on ourselves every day in different areas of our lives. Thank you, Tony Robbins.♥️🇺🇸

Tony I love you. This virtual world has created opportunities for all to connect to mentors like you. You don't know how great work you have done to inspire millions and blown a new spirit in them.

It's a fine line, when you're coaching people, to try to tell them that "YOU can't do this." without them getting discouraged, when what I mean is "The person YOU are at this MOMENT does not have the skills or stamina to accomplish our goal" We'll often take videosa of people on the first day of the season and during the last practice or race and they can SEE that trhey are different people now.

Absolutely. You must become from inside out. Transformation attracts your goal. And it's often seen that successful people knows how to handle success because they grew into a person of success. We all know what happens to majority of lottery winners?

Learning is the Key to Success Thank's . I don't want to be perfect just Happy the last years of my life and Keep my family together . Dealing with a negative daily situation is like a bullet .

Absolutely Tony Robbins ❤ The journey matters, not the destination. For along the way we learn, grow and evolve into that better version of self each and every day. Thank you for being and most of all for sharing your wisdom with us all.🙏❤💎🌟

Just went through an amazing conference with Russel Brunson where this concept was drilled into us. Totally agree here and boy am I learning loads!

There is "joy" in the journey! One needs to absorb all the experiences along the way and use them as stepping stones to achieve pure joy!❤

This is so hard for me right now ... I have lost so much and have no idea who I am anymore. How does a person regain the strength to rebuild????

Absolutely correct because character play a major role in whatsoever we want to become. Setting goals is not the problem but following the process to get the goal achieved is the major issue.

The saying to get your dream, help someone else get theirs is so true. In the workplace, in the home, in your community & Nation!

It's about both. Acheiving the goal is important, otherwise why even have a specific goal? And the growth is also great..but it's definitely both

Reminds me Paolo Coelho and his wonderful book the Alchemist👌🏼❤️

I literally had to set a goal so high I had to grow into the person that could achieve it, in order for me to get into my current career

Yes!!! It is true!!! I am going to be mindful of that!

Love this who we are being and the process of doing it 💪💪💪

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One of the greatest teachers in history

Never a more truer statement! There’s no way I could have achieved what I’m manifesting now, without this mindset, thanks to Tony’s teachings. ❤️🙏🏻🙌🏼

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