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The law of attraction can finally work for you: #heal #mind #souls #lawofattraction #dreamlife #finallyhappy

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That would require knowing who one's mother is and having an actual family, which neither do I have...... A'ho

"Breaking family generational curses" is not for the weak! 🙏

Im starting to have enough to pay for sins of my ancestors😂


Ohhh so true 😊👏❤

So true 👑👑👑

Lovely picture 💗🦋😊

When I call on my female healer, seers and witches...this is what I envision 💕🙏

Angelette Guerrero

Not sure I believe this..

Heidi Rae Huzarski

Brenten Harlock


Loree Lee Rogers

Michelle Moore


People who have passed on cannot be helped by your healing. If you heal yourself now your upcoming generations will be better people. It doesn’t go backwards, they were supposed to be healed for your sake because you came out of them. As well those that come out of you, you impact the betterment of their lives.




La'Monique Gouws Kushca Botha

Jessica Faye Korkis

So true ❤️

Isis Belosevic er moet er eentje gefixed worden 🙈

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The law of attraction explained: #souls #vibes #manifestation #foryou #cosmos #lawofattraction #energies

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Sounds beautiful but nowadays everything can b faked... This image reminded me of Narnia😍

One soul is fixing to eat the other soul in this image.

The nature experiences I’ve had are beyond belief. ❤️🏕

Vibrations/energy/peace/ease/comfort/ I find as a few things can remember now---just the ability to talk on topics and the study of human dynamics also and resonate mostly the same*

There is only one soul. We all live in it.

True I have had animals run to me that I have never seen before.

Excellent Word's 😊 👏 ❤

Nice lunch for the bear

Definitely We’ve all been gathering together on fb too 💕 💖It’s awesome!!!

That bear is going to eat her..!!!

I agree with the sentiment, not the picture!......where are her parents 😱🤣


50. Some are masters of fake...even vibrations.

Those two my have vibes but that bear is hungry

Where the earth touch the sky♥️

Poor little girl...

That bear would eat that girl while she was alive....

Love love 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

Very true but Im still sexy as fuck😎

This page is utter shite lately wtf 🤭👋

Sarah Morris

Just before she is torn to shreds and eaten by the bear.



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I think the third eye is more like a key to pandoras box of mirages. I feel like the third eye, is extremely immature when its opened, kinda like a born yesterday creature. I feel like it works where it belongs, in the unconcious part, and theres almost a transgressing, of many other parts of the self. I feel like its a part of self manipulation, and causes an imbalance in the reason and meaning of being (to bring it out and to become perverted on its mystery). Does anyone have any of their own insight on this? I have had my experiences but, i am constant in my belief of A Lord as all of my lifes quests have lead me back to the undying logic of Allah (A Creator with definate principles, ways and purpose). So, even though ive let myself be over taken by my third eye before, i dont entirely sink in and engross with it, but only try to accept my entire self in the whole. if anyone wants to share...? information of third eye..? ... ראה עודראה פחות

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In my experience. 3rd eye is like the imagination behind our real eyes... It's like manipulating the reality whatever we like thru intent imagination...

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